The Best Schools To Study Photography In Mexico

From workshops of a few hours to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, there is everything, both for the aspiring photographer and for the professional. We present the definitive current guide to study photo in Mexico. It is always important to follow your dreams and sometimes to achieve it you have to move from your native country and better if it is a city that is close to the beach, in Baja California, more specifically the house of the best orthodontics in Tijuana.

Master’s Degree in Photography Management – Ibero Tijuana

With a duration of 2 years, this master’s degree prepares you for a wide field of work within the photographic production. Inquiring as much in the theoretical, conceptual and historical as practical aspects of photography, this program aims to train leaders in the field.

Institute of Photography of the Northwest (Tijuana)

Specialized in artistic photo, portrait and astrophotography.

In the city of Tijuana is the IFN, born of Antonio Leyva’s effort to establish quality photographic education in this area of ​​the country. He currently has 4 teaching programs: initiation in photography, project development, astrophotography and intensive workshops with guest teachers. There are also specialization courses in wedding photo (Leyva’s main performance field), commercial and dental photo.

Undoubtedly, today is one of the best times to learn photo. Whether you are looking for formal education, you need to update your knowledge or you have just discovered in the photo a way to inject creativity into your life, Mexico, wherever you live, has more and more options to satisfy your artistic hunger.

With the highest concentration and variety of schools in the country, the CDMX has a menu for all tastes, inclinations and aptitudes.

For example…

Active School of Photography

Specialized in artistic, commercial and photojournalism.

With over 40 years of having its doors open, the EAF takes a long road where it has established itself as one of the best photo schools in Mexico. The list of outstanding alumni is backed by: Patricia Aridjis, Maya Goded and Alfonso Cuarón, to name a few.

Its academic offer includes a full career of 9 quarters, which is officially valid before the SEP. This ranges from the history of photography, portrait and product to old techniques (the first process of capturing and printing images such as the blueprint or palladium). You learn the basics with roll photography and dark room and then move on to the digital photo. It also offers graduates -with a duration of 3 months- specialized in different areas such as photojournalism, editing and black and white, among others.

Note: it has schools in the State of Mexico, Querétaro, Morelos and Guanajuato.

Academy of Visual Arts (AAVI)

Specialized in artistic, fashion and commercial photo.

A proposal of the most complete for those seeking professional training. His Diploma in Photography – which can be taken in a year – includes the now indispensable video management and allows you to specialize in one of 11 photographic branches. It also offers short courses where you can delve into topics such as lighting, travel photos and digital printing.

Among his unique learning offers are the photo tours to Xochimilco and the 2-week exchange with the Neue Schule für Fotografie school in Berlin.