Style Rules You Should Follow At Your 20s

There are many rules of style that ALL have forced you to follow. But now that you are at your 20s, not only the possibilities have been expanded, but also you must be more demanding with what you should use. And whether you have different tastes or do not have a lot of money to spend on clothes, these style rules will be your morning lifesaver. But the most significant rule of style will always be to have a beautiful smile, for that it is necessary to go with your dentist Dr. Mexico.

Fill yourself with basics: The basics are super important. Not only because you can wear them casually or dress them for something formal, but because they are comfortable, they make you look good, and they are super cheap. Tennis white, jeans, flip-flops, simple blouses, all this you need!
Invests in classic pieces: And although the comfortable is important, we must also pay attention to the traditional style. In addition to NEVER out of fashion, is super versatile.
Have one or another professional outfit: Is not it horrible to schedule a job interview and realize that you have NOTHING to wear? Even if you are not looking for a job at the moment, it is essential that you consider it because a professional outfit will always be necessary on important occasions.
And a couple of ‘looks’ to go out: You never know when you’ll have to go out with friends or visit your neighbor to watch a movie. The same and the basic ones suit you, but sometimes like these, you need specific and casual looks to see yourself well, feel comfortable and at the same time draw attention if necessary.
Pay attention to the style of bloggers in trend: Like #Millennials, we will always be in search of new styles and trends, and we have the option of doing it with the new (and old) social networks. Instagram, for example, is a tool that you can take advantage of to follow your favorite bloggers, pay attention to their style and copy one or another idea.
Relive the style of your childhood: The style repeats itself and repeats itself and repeats itself. And if you are a product of the 90s, you have undoubtedly noticed how many trends have gone and returned in recent years. If you are looking for pieces ‘trendy’ remember what you loved to wear in your childhood and see how to modernize it.
Get rid of what you do not use: Make a general cleaning of your closet and donate, recycle or give away the pieces that you have not applied for more than one year. Although you want to keep it ALL of memory, the truth is that they are not useful and it’s time to make room for what is coming.