Remedies for dry and cracked lips

Cold, wind, temperature changes, sun … are the main enemies of our lips and those responsible for drying and cracking, especially during the winter. For this reason, it is now that we should pamper them the most, following a simple daily ritual. If you are worried about the state of your lips you will probably also worry about your teeth, if so, you can always ask for the suggestion of a dentist of odontomedik dental clinic.

Take them. It is the first commandment for your lips to resist the inclemency of time. The skin that covers them is especially sensitive and needs that protective barrier that gives us an intensive repair balm. Apply a good coat several times a day, especially before sleeping. Like the skin of the face, that of the lips uses the night to regenerate and nourish itself in depth.

Exfoliation Do you carry out this beauty routine on your skin? And why not on your lips? You will get rid of dead cells and regenerate skin very easily in just 5 minutes. Get a specific brush or use one of teeth with soft bristles. Rub the lips with circular movements without exerting pressure to avoid irritating them and then wash them with plenty of water. Repeat this operation once a week.

Protect them from the sun Both in summer and winter, the lips need protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. Therefore experts recommend using a high sun protection stick throughout the year. Apply it regularly, especially if you are going to practice outdoor sports such as skiing.

Avoid exposing them directly to the cold. Although it may seem very obvious, it is important to remember that a scarf or handkerchief can be great allies. Use them as a barrier, to protect your lips from exposure to the cold when you go outside.

Protect them from the fever. Some cracked lips are more prone to suffer the reactivation of the cold sore virus during. If you are one of those who tend to suffer outbreaks during this time, use a topical antiviral treatment, with which you will slow down its progression and shorten the healing process.

Also hydrate from within. During the winter months cold air tends to remove moisture from your skin and lips, causing them to dry out and crack. Something as simple as drinking water throughout the day can become a great ally, so it is essential to always have a bottle on hand. The recommended amount of water, minimum, is two liters per day.

Never wet them with saliva. When the lips are cut and dried we tend to moisten them with our own saliva to try to notice an instant relief. However, this habit is only going to dry them out and crack them more. Bury it as soon as possible and always have an intensive repair balm on hand.