How to Shop for the Highest-Quality Alpaca Sweaters for Men and Women

There are many types of alpaca sweaters to buy, and it goes without saying that shopping for alpaca sweaters can be daunting because it is easy to be mislead. When buying alpaca sweaters for men and women, origin, blend and the sellers all play a vital role in ensuring you get the best quality for your money. This article will help you make the best alpaca sweater purchase and prevent you from getting swindled into picking up a rip off garment

The Best Alpaca Sweaters Come from Peru and Bolivia

Sure, there are alpaca farms in America that produce 100% alpaca sweaters, but the quality simply can’t be matched when it comes to alpaca sweaters from Peru and Bolivia. Farms in Bolivia and Peru making alpaca sweaters go back to multiple generations of families; some as old as the ancients. When buying alpaca sweaters from Peruvian families you see a higher quality in weaving passed down from hundreds of years that no mom and pop alpaca farm in Idaho or Texas can match. These family farms also use green methods for farming; there are no industrial machines that release pollutants into the atmosphere, and alpaca are allowed to roam freely as mother nature intended as opposed to them being kept in a fenced pen. You also help support sustainable living, as the family farms that make alpaca sweaters in Peru and Bolivia rely on the alpaca fibers for garments as a way to feed and house their families while supporting their communities.

Make Sure to Buy Alpaca Sweaters that are 100% Authentic

The best alpaca sweaters are made from 100% alpaca fibers. Period. Make sure that when you buy alpaca sweaters you don’t choose something that is a blend of alpaca fibers with synthetic materials. Read the clothing label and Google search the manufacturer. Even some luxury designers will use a sheep’s wool blend with alpaca fibers, which is not ideal if you are truly looking for high-quality clothing. Make sure you buy soft, durable 100% alpaca sweaters without any other wool, fiber or material added to the garment’s construction.

Companies that Sell Peruvian Alpaca Sweaters

Not all companies that claim to sell Peruvian alpaca sweaters do so. By law, a company can name a cardigan an “alpaca sweater”, and sell it as such. Make sure alpaca sweater sellers actually source their products from Peru. In fact, the best alpaca sweater companies with the most pristine reputations actually take trips to Peru and Bolivia every year to tour alpaca farms, meet the families, watch their process, and look for new design ideas. They also find inspiration from their journey for new patterns, colors, and other elements. Alpaca sweaters for men come in a number of styles, as do alpaca sweaters for women. So when companies travel to enhance their product line for all buyers, you know you are buying from a reputable alpaca sweater company that offers affordable luxury.