A New Professional Space Dedicated to Beauty

Beauty Collective Lab is a unique place in the city where services are offered focused on recreating the beauty of both women and men, and as everything in tijuana has its own style and is an experience that you must live even if you come in passing by a dental work in Tijuana.

In her capacity as a guest at the Agora Tijuana  Innovadora, Elvia Félix Herrera, makeup artist for film, television, commercials and fashion, shared with those present the different benefits offered in this group located next to the old Agua Caliente Toreo.

There are 13 people in Beauty Collective Lab, where we offer services such as spa, makeup, nails and in general everything that recreates beauty. It is an underground space; also has a coffee and a deli, which as a whole has received very good response from the people.

He said that given the experience with which several people in the region have participated in international programs and films, was the idea of ​​creating this group and that among colleagues could help grow as professionals.

Elvia Félix has more than 20 years of experience in the field of beauty, having worked in films for films such as Resident Evil 3, The Death and Life of Bobby Z and Babel; in television he has lent his talent to series such as Fear the Walking Dead and Tremors, to mention only some of the projects he has been part of.

Personally, and as part of Beauty Collective Lab, makeup artists, combers, we always have to be behind the scenes preparing all these characters that people see, these icons, and I can tell you that here in Tijuana there is a mega industry of film that many do not know.

Similarly, Elvía has been an important ally of InnovaModa since its emergence in 2012, helping in the different castings and being part of the beauty crew in charge of making up the models that paraded during the Pasarela de InnovaModa 2016.