3 Great Hair Styling Tools to Give your Daughter on Her Way Off to College

In a few months college doors will open and your daughter will be on her way to begin an amazing journey of education and self discovery. So naturally, she will want to look her best. Multiple studies show that the more confident young women are, the better they do in school, and nothing helps bolster confidence like having well-kept hair that makes people thing she goes to the salon once a week.

If you are looking to buy an amazing gift for your daughter that she can use while away at college, the best hair styling tools that will keep her looking amazing at a fraction of the cost a salon charges, is an ideal gift. But not only will these hair tools save her (and you) money, these incredible hairstyling tools will also save her time because she can get the desired look all from the convenience of her dorm room. Consider these three tools, and send her well-armed for that perfect hairstyle and a boat load of confidence.


  1. A Hot Air Brush is a Must-Have Hair Styling Tool

Multiple surveys have gone to young women all over the country and one thing is abundantly clear: the hot air brush is a must-have hair styling tool, but in order to be considered a top-quality hot air brush, it must be made ceramic. Furthermore, products with exclusive technology tend to do well, as it means brands design products based around their customer’s needs, and not on a perceived level of expectation.

Look for a hot air brush with a good flexible base. The best hot air brush you can buy will have a silicone base that surrounds individual heated ceramic plates. The hot air brush combines multiple tools into one: it offers the heating power of a blow dryer with a hot brush to dry and straighten the hair. The best hot air brush is designed to reduce frizz while leaving the hair with a perfectly straight, smooth look.


  1. Wet to Dry Flat Iron

A wet to dry flat iron is a desired hair styling tool because, like the hot air brush, it performs the tasks of multiple tools in one. In this case, the wet to dry flat iron dries and styles hair at once. Women love the wet to dry flat iron because it offers the styling power of a round brush with a blow dryer to leave hair silky, smooth, and shiny with tons of volume.


  1. Travel Hair Dryer

One of the many joys of college is traveling. Whether your daughter is going to college in Europe and plans to travel to other countries on long weekends, or she is going to school in state but plans on joining a number of academic trips to South America or Africa, having a good travel hair dryer is an essential hair styling tool. Select a travel hair dryer that’s small and can be held in the palm of the hand, but that offers the same power as a full-size hair dryer. It should also be lightweight in order to provide an easy function while keeping your travel bag as light as possible.